Christmas Gift Shopping For Your Femme Fatale

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With the holiday season upon us, now comes the time of frantic shopping and gift hunting as we try to look for the perfect present for our friends and family. Needless to say, we spend a little more time on some on our list than others, and incidentally, it is those very same people we run out of ideas for. So, it is always useful to come across a list of Christmas gift ideas, especially when it comes to your girlfriend or wife or (insert label as appropriate). On that note, take a look at the list below for some inspiration. And brownie points of course.

Wine tasting

We know that this is not necessarily ‘buying’ something, but it is a great gift in our opinion, and very fitting for the holiday season. Not only do you two get to spend some quality time alone, you are also able to take a long walk and taste ample amounts of wine. Wine tasting tours are famously relaxing and a whole ton of fun, not to mention come with stunning backdrops that puts your mood right into the holiday spirit. You can start off your day with a chocolate delivery Sydney. Chocolates and wine… what could possibly go wrong?

Party games

If she hangs out with her girlfriends a lot and also plays party games like beer pong and the like, you can get her feminine party games that come in cute packages. The items themselves are very girly and great for her to take for her next girls’ night out. It is also good for bachelorette parties which she might also go for, which makes this even more useful. Something different and fun, definitely unexpected on her part.


This is not as complicated as you might think, and definitely a lot less complicated than makeup, so give it a shot. All you need is her shoe size, and a few hints about any pair of shoes she has been coveting lately. If you find her talking about it, grill her a bit more without giving too much away. If you can get a name of a store out of her, so much the better! You can have the shoes delivered to her, along with a bouquet of edible flowers. 10/10.

Vintage comics

If she likes any sort of comics, why not hunt up any existing versions of them? Sometimes, you may even come across vintage options that will cost more, but are also definitely quite valuable. Plus, they may even increase in value in the future. Collect however many you can afford, and gift them to her in bulk. She would absolutely love to own a unique copy of her favourite’s heroes and comics, and besides, who said they were only for boys?