The Health Benefits Of Bike Riding/Cycling

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There are many health benefits to all types of exercise. Some types of exercise provide cardiovascular benefits, some types of exercise provide muscular benefits, some types of exercise provide weight loss benefits, some types of exercise provide mental health benefits and most exercise types provide all of the above benefits.
Bike riding has many advantages in two main categories: health and environmental. Environmentally—it can be as low impact and easy as you like and it is also time efficient and good for the environment. It is time efficient as it is faster to get around and healthier than sitting in a car, on a train or on a tram. Its now more easy to buy cheap bicycle accessories online in Australia, so why wait just get on your bikes and start excerise.
Health wise, bike riding provides cardiovascular, muscular, weight loss and mental health benefits. Bike riding gives the heart and lungs a good workout and improves the circulation of blood from the heart and strengths the muscles of the heart, reduces resting heart rate and improves lung function. Bike riding also helps build muscle, burn fat and increases metabolic rate to help with weight loss. Bike riding, like any other type of exercise also provides mental health benefits as exercising produces endorphins which are known for being the body’s happy/feel good chemicals.
For those who want to start an exercise regime of bike riding, or just ride their bike to work or to get around, it is best to consult with your doctor to get a physical check up and advice on how much exercise is enough and what is too much. Some doctors may recommend low impact bike riding if you have medical conditions such as arthritis as it doesn’t place as much as stress on the joints that some other types of exercise can. Some doctors may also recommend bike riding to those who are at risk of cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disease as well as to those who are obese or are suffering from mental health problems as research has shown bike riding to prevent the risk of getting cancer, developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease as well as preventing and easing problems arisen from obesity and mental health problems.  
After consulting with your doctor, the next thing to do is buy a bike if you don’t have one as well as cycling apparel.
Cycling apparel can include bicycle socks, womens’ and mens’ cycle wear, bicycle socks and kids cycle wear if you have kids and have decided to start an exercise regime of bike riding as a family. For keen bike riding and cycling enthusiasts, you can even buy Tour de France caps as well as other Tour de France cycle wear. You can find and buy cycling apparel in-store or online, depending on your personal preferences and budget.